In recent years, the gold price in India has been rising. Therefore, investing in precious metals is the most profitable solution. Gold can be handed over on average for 4,4000 INR – this is the price per gram. Although much depends on the product itself, as well as international quotations for precious metals. Gold scrap includes jewelry that has fallen into disrepair, and which is much more expensive to repair than buying new or jewelry that has become unnecessary or has lost its pair. Gold coins, dental crowns, bullion without documents also belong to a scrap of gold.

Overview of sales options

Before selling jewelry, it is advisable to accumulate them. The greater the weight of the products being handed over, the higher the price for one gram of the product they can offer you.

If you urgently need a small amount of money, then you can turn over scrap gold and gold to a pawnshop. To do this, you must be an adult and have a passport with you. A test should be on the gold jewelry, if the precious metals are new, then it is desirable that they have a price tag. As already mentioned, gold can be handed over at a pawnshop, where employees will tell you the price of gold and determine the price of scrap. Usually, this cost is underestimated in comparison with the actual price of the product. If gold is not bought back by the client on time, then it is sold to other citizens or jewelry factories. If redeemed, then the pawnshop needs to pay a certain percentage for each day of storage of the gold. So where to turn in gold at better prices?

Buying up

Gold and its scrap can be handed over to purchase. Acceptance of products is carried out only at persons who have reached the age of 18 years. The buyer must have the appropriate documentation. Unlike a pawnshop when buying, jewelry cannot be bought back. Gold scrap and gold are accepted for any sample, even if there are no prints of assay marks. Not taken into the purchase of nuggets, alloys. If a piece of jewelry has a gemstone, it is better not to hand over this stone, since the price of the stone is not taken into account when buying. The settlement with the client is done according to the price list, based on the weight of the product.

If you want to turn in your gold for scrap, buyers will tell you what its price is at a given time.


Handing over antique jewelry in the form of scrap gold is very unprofitable. These products are of historical value, but from collectors, for the same jewelry, you can get good money.

However, modern jewelry has darkened its rare status and is now not of interest to collectors. But jewelry made in the Soviet Union, on the contrary, is very popular since they were created according to GOSTs, they have higher-grade gold, as well as a very small chance to come across a fake. It will not be difficult to give gold to collectors, because there is an Internet where you can contact the buyer and agree on how much it will cost to donate gold.

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