Demand for jewelry does not depend on financial shifts occurring in different countries. People have bought and will continue to buy gold and silver products since it is not only beautiful but also practical – precious metals have been the best investment for centuries. The Russians prefer to buy jewelry not only in their own country but also traveling abroad for a vacation. gold price in KSA per Gram. Where is it best to buy gold and silver jewelry, what subtleties of the jewelry business abroad should you know in advance?

Thailand. In general, jewelry can be bought in any corner of this country in Southeast Asia, but the best choice will be offered in Bangkok. On one of the central streets (Surawont Road), there are many jewelry stores that offer gold earrings, bracelets, chains, watches, and much more, both Thai and foreign manufacturers. However, beware of fakes and do not use the tips of taxi drivers who bring customers to a particular store and have a percentage of this. The safety of buying jewelry in Thailand is guaranteed with a Jewel Fest Club certificate, which is issued only to trusted sellers.

Switzerland. Here, in the center of Europe, you can buy luxury gold and silver jewelry, as well as watches made of precious metals, which have long become a symbol of the country. Directly from the station in Zurich, the famous Bahnhofstrasse street begins – a collection of the best boutiques, which showcase the most relevant jewelry collections from around the world.

Dubai Many tourists fly specifically through the UAE to spend time between transfers from plane to plane for the best shopping in the East. Dubai is famous all over the world for its Gold Market, where you will find everything, even handmade gold earrings of the 15th century, even ultra-modern white gold bracelets from Dior. The best time to shop at the Gold Market is winter when discounts reach their maximum value and you can win 25 kilograms of gold daily at the Gold Lottery! Buying a fake at Dubai’s malls is virtually unrealistic, as the seller’s dishonest behavior is punishable by lengthy imprisonment and even death.

Greece. Here, first of all, you can buy magnificent jewelry, a stylized antique. 22K gold rate is 164.65 SAR. The Greeks honor traditions and exploit the heritage of their ancestors with might and main, using such traditional antique ornaments as a meander or spiral in jewelry. It is best to buy gold jewelry in the central stores of Athens.

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